Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lots to Share

Beckett Lawrence Ragland joined our family on July 2nd. He is a wonderful addition and so different from the girls. He looks just like his daddy and melts my heart with each lopsided grin. Callie started a new preschool this fall. She is the smartest child. She amazes me with what she soaks up each day. She recently started writing her name! Callie is still a challenge and wants every second of my attention, good or bad. She told me just yesterday as she looked at the costume catalog, "Guess what Mom, you get to be a witch for Halloween!" If it wasn't obvious, she was unhappy with me. Jenny started kindergarten this year. I am really struggling with it. The school district wants to fight with us over her having her own aide. She has days she just seems agitated and unhappy. This is where her not talking is really taking a toll on me. I desperately need to know she is okay and happy. I've also had a harder time b/c I see more normally developing kids and realize all the things Jenny will miss in life. However, it makes me twice as determined to make her life great no matter the cost. We finally finished building our new home. It is nice, but still doesn't quite feel like home. Travis finishes law school in December and takes the bar exam in February. I feel like I am not a good employee b/c of how much time I've been out of the office and continue to have to be out of the office. I love my job and my bosses, and just hope they can bear with me! I'm going to try to blog more often. Attached are a few pics to update everyone.

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